Our Spooky Vamped Up Halloween Decor

October 26, 2018

It’s the most spooktacular time of the year! Every year my boyfriend (Craig) and I, decorate our home for Halloween. We get so excited for the opportunity to get creative with pumpkin carvings, home decor, wall paintings, treat bags, you name it… we love it all. This year I wanted to create something charming and stylized for this year’s Halloween decor. After spending some time brainstorming on different ideas for our Halloween decor, I was strongly influenced by the wonderful Jillian Harris Halloween home decor trends of this year from ornamental skulls, black crows to scattered black wall bats. I wanted to use these ideas, with a little twist of our own style. By incorporating homemade artwork and fun potion bottles with labels I designed, we achieved the look we were hoping for while staying on a small budget. Mixing lots of black and whites to give it a bold and modern look, as well as making the decor fit nicely into our interior space. We had so much fun creating custom homemade spooky artwork throughout the house, and vamping up dollar store finds to create a high-end Halloween decor look. Also, I finally was able to pull out those anatomy drawings from my illustration class during my bachelor of fine arts years. (Thanks Mom and Dad)! 

** For printable potion label design, please see below.

Happy Haunting!

Most of our materials are purchased from our local dollar store. The skulls above were simple white plastic skulls that I painted to give a more realistic look and feel.

Dried up and weathered branches from our backyard were the perfect little touch to the design.

Witches station is located in a little nook off our kitchen.

I had so much fun designing these vintage apothecary labels for my pretend potions (bottles purchased from the dollar store). From Love Potion Number 9 to Bone dust, and of course Beetle Juice. So fun!

The BOO-Bags are back. Every year I love to make little “Boo” treat bags for the little trick-or-treaters. Since we only get about 20-30 kids each year, this just makes handing out candy that much easier. Plus it keeps me from eating all the candy ahead of time (let’s get real!)

Sharing my witches potion label design with you!! To create your own little potions simply print off the design, trim using the crop marks and use double sided tape to attach to your desired jars! Enjoy my lovelies!

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