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July 8, 2018

How I Organize & Style My Closet.

It has been 5 years since we purchased, renovated and moved into our little lakeside home. As most of you know, the home project list is usually quite long as first-time homeowners. Renovating and adding sections on, such as our Master suite, my lovely little walk-in closet was at the bottom of our list. 5 years later, I managed to create a wonderful little space for all my little pretty belongings within a reasonable budget. A lovely little lady lair as my stylish friend, Sara, would say. This little walk-in closet is located off our master bathroom, with a nice window view of our front yard, with a great amount of morning sun! I just love waking up and figuring out my day in this delightful space. Deciding what I wanted to do with this space took quite some time (five long years LOL), as I am constantly changing my mind and also changing my decor quite frequently. It was important to me to make this space feel organized, practical and as well, feeling spacious and inviting. Having vaulted ceilings made this a little difficult. After being inspired by one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Stephanie Jolly from, and her gorgeous IKEA styled closet, I decided to go for it!  With big ideas and a small budget, I did some research and lots of purging and organizing in order to create a space perfect for me.

As my Mother once said, If you haven’t worn it in a year, or two, chances are you never will. After keeping this in mind, I separated my clothing by piles I love, clothing I wear often, and that I barely ever wear. I packed away my Winter clothing and brought out my summer and spring clothing (Yes, I am that person that stores away seasonal clothes). I took into consideration the quality of each item, as well as thinking can this piece be versatile and work with my other pieces? 

Consistent style hangers
Keeping your hangers consistent with the colour or style helps make your closet less distracting and busy and creates the look and feel of a high-end boutique. This also lets your clothing stand out and also ads a little bit of character to a crowded space. I love to use the same wooden hangers from my local superstore home section – they are super affordable, classic and very durable. These can also be found at IKEA, Target, or HomeSense for a very similar price.

Hang in There!
Although there are many ways to create a very affordable closet, I was super excited to find these VERY affordable ($12 !!!!) clothing racks from IKEA. They are simple, clean lines, white and fit my habit of changing things around frequently – perfect! They keep a minimalist look and also stop me from over crowding this room with to much cloths (Lets hope this works!!! LOL). I love the look of them and the simplicity they add to the room. They will be great to move around when I want to change things up or if I decided to instal something a little more permanent down the road.

Colour Code your Clothes
This might sound a little crazy, but colour coding your closet helps you realize what you have already and also speeds up the process of figuring out an outfit or finding something you need. This also makes the closet feel inviting and well organized. 

Gather all your cozies and gym gear and either fold them on a shelf or clear out a space in your dresser for these items, Removing bulky items will create more space for the items that actually need to be hung up.

Adding Pretty Little Touches
Showcasing your favourite jewels and perfumes is an easy way to make the space yours and represent your style. I love having my favourite items displayed as if I was seeing them in the store for the first time. Having my line-up of perfumes and creams is convenient and quite lovely. Hanging your favourite artwork on the spare walls (if you have a spare wall), makes the room your own and personalized. I love to layer hats with hooks on the wall to create a fun and practical wall decor design.

Creating Light
Adding in a large mirror into the space is a great way to add more natural light into the area as well as creating the illusion of a larger space. A large mirror is also practical for getting ready and also fantastic for applying makeup first thing in the morning. 
Adding in a lovely little light fixture also helps finish the space off, make sure to look for a light fixture that provides lots of all around the light. I purchased mine from Ikea ($39). I love the nautical rope texture and the over basket inspired style.

Using stylish baskets of your choice, place baskets on your shelves to hide away and organize those little items that you don’t want to be laying around. I packed away shoe boxes, scarfs, clutches, and purses. Easy access and looks clean and organized in the space.

Hope you enjoyed my closet! Can’t wait to share more home projects with you soon!

M xo

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