Fresh Lavender Sachets

April 30, 2018

Welcome to my favourite five DIY Mother’s Day gift guide & giveaways. As featured on my good friend Kaylee’s (Theblondielocks) blog, I will be sharing with you some creative and inexpensive gift ideas for your special Momma for Mother’s Day! Starting the series off with these cute handmade Lavender sachets!

Every year my sister (Natalie) and I, try to come up with unique gift ideas for our mom, which can be quite a challenge since she loves to shop! This year we decided to brainstorm cute ideas we could make ourselves. Something unique, simple and also practical (but not too crafty). After pulling together some of our favourite DIY ideas for mom, I designed a 5-part DIY gift guide/giveaway leading up to Mother’s Day!  

The first gift I would love to share with you, are these adorable lavender sachets.  These cuties can be used tucked away in her dresser, hung in her closet, or placed under her pillow. They are extremely affordable, easy to make and such a sweet gift. The sachets are a cute little reminder and an everlasting aroma of sweet lavender when placed in a small area.   

Lavender has always been a favourite of mine since it has so many great health benefits and is a natural way to add a fresh spring scent into a space. The fragrance is soothing and calming and oh so lovely.  

To make your lavender sachets, simply download/follow the instructions here.  

Materials you need are: 

• Cotton fabric of your choice (from your local fabric store) 

• Upholstery batting (from your local fabric store) 

• Dried lavender (I purchased mine from the Bulkbarn) 

• Sewing machine / thread 

• Scissors 

• Iron 

• Ribbon to finish (optional finishing detail) 

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