DIY Holiday Tassel, without the Hassle

November 12, 2018

Decorating for the holidays is one of my favourite things, especially when I have the opportunity to get creative with it! As most of you are aware, decorating your home for the holidays can get pretty expensive. This year I decided to try and tackle most of my holiday decor myself. After spending a small fortune on holiday wreaths, pillows, ornaments, garlands, and so on, I realized I could do most of this myself,  by using things around my home and on a much more practical budget. 

During October my close friend invited us over to her house to do a girls craft night. Not knowing what I wanted to make, the idea intrigued me. This was a great opportunity to play around and try some fun things that I could use for my holiday decor this year, (as well as a super fun night being creative and drinking wine with my girlfriends) That being said, I had so much fun making these lovely tassels. So much so, I made a bunch more and started to attach them to all of my pillows! LOL. 

This holiday season I wanted to keep my colour palette simple and light (shocking!!). Loving all the whites, creams and different cozy textures mixed together, with a hint of forest green to tie in the evergreen garlands around the house. The tassels were the perfect finishing touch I was looking for.

I have had a couple people ask about these tassels, so I thought I would do a simple step by step below, so you can create your own!

* See below for step by step

Continuously wrap yarn (Colour of your choice) around a firm piece of cardboard or flat surface that is approx. 4.5″wide. Once you have wrapped the yarn to your desired thickness you will then slide a separate piece of yarn along the top, underneath the wrapped bundle. Tie a tight knot at the top to hold the base of your tassel together. Once completed, use a sharp pair of scissors and begin to cut the opposite end by sliding the scissors between the cardboard and the wrapped yarn. 

Comb yarn downwards and push around sections until all sides are full and a tassel shape is made. Once completed, begin to trim any long sections to create an even bottom.

Using another separate piece of yarn, tie a very tight knot around the top section of the tassel, about 1.5″ down. Using the remaining yarn (from the tied knot), wrap continuously around the tassel to create a wide band and to provide structure to the tassel.

Using a sewing needle and thread, begin to attach the tassel to the corners of your pillowcase (I used a simple white throw cover from IKEA). Attaching it to the top of your tassel.



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