DIY Holiday Wreaths

November 23, 2018

Decking the halls is one of my favourite things to do during the holiday season. From gorgeous lush garlands to simple evergreen window wreaths. After posting a couple of my homemade wreaths on Instagram, I decided to do a very simple, step by step tutorial on how to build your own wreath for the holidays. It is so easy!!

Here is a list of the greenery I collect each year for my homemade wreaths and garlands. A Good tip is to remember to avoid greens such as white spruce. White spruce can often have an unpleasant odor once cut and dried indoors.


• The greenery of your choice (backyard finds).
• Floral wire (hardware store, dollar store, craft store or garden center).
• Wire wreath frame (hardware store, dollar store, craft store or garden center).
• Pruning shears/clippers (hardware or garden center).

You can find the floral wire and metal frame wreaths at any local hardware store, dollar store or garden center. I found mine at Michael’s craft store. Total cost for materials, approx. $10 – $35. And you can reuse the frames each year! Which is great!!


Gather small bundles of evergreens, such as fur and pine clippings. These will act as your base and create fullness to your wreath.


Once you have a small bundle for your base (2-3 clippings), Add in other textures such as cedar, boxwood or eucalyptus. Remember to tilt the added greenery towards the outside of your wreath. This will create a full and lush design.


Use the floral wire to wrap around your first bundle. Once complete, secure bundle to the metal frame by simply wrapping the wire tightly around the frame and bundle. Do not cut the wire, you will be using the same strand throughout the wreath.

Make sure to overlap each bundle so that the wire and stems are completely covered. Continue this motion, while keeping each bundle stacked in the same direction. (Repeat steps 2 & 3)


To complete the wreath, tuck in the very last bundle as close to the beginning section of the wreath. Use the wire to secure the bundle and intertwine through the back side of the wire frame. Cut the wire and fold into the wreath. Gently fan out greenery in any areas that need a little more fullness.

… And Now you have a wonderful freshly made holiday wreath to hang on your front door, or with a ribbon in your windows. (My personal fav!!)

Hope you enjoyed this DIY step by step! Looking forward to seeing your holiday wreaths. Be sure to share your design using #theladyslipperblog on Instagram.

Happy Decorating my Friends.


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